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June 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce that our Archer’s Blend - Kentucky Clear Moonshine took home a Bronze medal from the Distilled: San Diego Spirit and Cocktail Festival!

September 10, 2022
We came, we saw, we celebrated! The second annual Freedom Fest kicked off Saturday, September 10th, 2022. We celebrated America and American Freedoms while raising money for Homes For Our Troops and the LBJ Band Boosters!

October 16, 2016

Mr. Shine and Kat Daddy with a few of the finished bottles.


Very first bottles of Archer's Blend and Hill Fire Cinnamon.


Tom cleaning the still. Isn't she pretty?!


It might not be pretty, but it's part of the process of making
it taste so darn good! It's fermentation at its finest.


Archer's Blend and Hill Fire Cinnamon are our two current flavors.


August 9, 2016


Mr. Shine & Kat Daddy's childhood home.

For our first post, I thought we would share how Moonshine Ridge, Inc came to be. For the last 10 years or so, my brother and I have researched, planned and dreamed of opening a Bar & Grill, and as we did this we realized we wanted a brand of our own. With craft brewing and distilling become ever so popular these days, we started to think and plan our brand around old family tradition. For us that's moonshine! (If you haven't already you can read more about our tradition over on our about page.)

What is Moonshine? Basically, it is an unaged distilled alcohol. The term Moonshine, as we heard it when we were young, came about because they use to run it by the light of the moon. 

When we were young we use to go down to the bluegrass hills of old' Kentucky were our mom and dad were raised. We can still remember our grandmother Mary's house down in the holler, it was a little 3 room home.

I don't know about my brother but I can remember our uncles having stills up on the mountain. I can even remember going on delivery runs with one of my uncles during the summer.

Our granddad Archer passed before we even knew him. As of late, seems like a lot of our mom's side of the family has passed away. With only a few brothers and sisters still around, we wanted to do something that, in a since, helps the family live on.

So acquiring the family recipe, we started to experiment. We purchased a commercially sold small 3 gallon milk can still, and set out to run granddad Archer's recipe.

I can remember the first run, how exciting it was combining the ingredients, the smell of mash, and the sweet smell of the liquor. Our uncles would do their own versions and modify the recipe to their own liking. We wanted to try to stay true to Archer's recipe, but tweak it, perfect it, in to a gentlemen Sipping shine!

As we hone our skill and master our creation, we look forward to one day very soon, launching our brand and hope you all will continue to follow and check in and support us. Our brand is made with only quality sugars, grains and the flavoring is done with only natural flavors no additive here!

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