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Hi, we're Tom (aka Mr. Shine) and Jason (aka Kat Daddy), founders of Moonshine Ridge, Inc. We are two brothers keeping our heritage alive by brewing moonshine. While the company name is new, the recipes are tried and true, passed down and perfected through generations. In fact, we are third generation moonshiners, maybe even fourth. 

The story of our moonshine was born in the Blue Grass Hills of Kentucky, with our granddad Archer who distilled and sold it as a way to support his family. And rumor has it, that this is how our parents met!

Upon returning from the Korean War, our dad stopped into a road-house, where he met our now uncles and it wasn't long, before dad started to run a bit of moonshine for granddad. Soon after, dad met Archer's daughter (mom!) and the rest is moonshine history! 

With our mom's side of the family gone and the increasing popularity of moonshine, we knew we wanted to carry on the family tradition that brought our mom and dad together. So we set out to obtain granddad Archer's corn mash recipe. 

But it wasn't enough to just get the recipe, we wanted to tweak it, perfect it, and create the best damn sippin' shine, this side of the Mississippi! 'Shine that would make our granddad proud. A 'shine so smooth, that it is compared to and viewed as one of the best! 

After all the tasting and testing we think we have done just that! To explore our recipes, pop on over to the  flavors page and check them out!

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